Greetings From Arkansas 

I’m temporarily (Do you hear me, Universe? I said temporarily!) in Arkansas taking care of my 90-yo mom so I created an Intrepid Arkansawyer blog! I hope you’ll visit me over there.

South Fork




St. Vincent Court

 Not sure how I managed to walk past this cute little alley & never noticed it all the years I worked Downtown. It’s called St. Vincent Court and there’s some legal crap going on between the cafe owners & the rich-as-fuck Los Angeles Theater owner. Basically the theater owner doesn’t want the cafe owners to put cute little tables & chairs in the alley for us to be able to sit outside because it makes it difficult for his trucks to get to the theater loading dock. How about scheduling your deliveries after hours?
Anyway, I was there before the cafes opened so I don’t know where things currently stand.

How cute is it????

 There was no time today because I had to get to a tour, but hopefully I can go back some time…and eat outside!

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Eyvind Earle Exhibit at Forest Lawn

  As I had mentioned in this post, I wanted to see the Disney legend, Eyvind Earle exhibit at the Forest Lawn Museum this Spring. Well, it’s Spring and I just happened to be down the street at the Bauer Pottery showroom yesterday so I decided to pop in.

I’d never been to this particular Forest Lawn before. It’s the one where Michael Jackson, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Humphrey Bogart and, fittingly, Walt Disney are buried, along with a quarter million other people.

Even if you have no interest in visiting any of the graves, you might want to just cruise through in your car. The place is massive and very pretty. Their are no gothic tombstones or those horrid modern ones with people’s photos on them do what you see is grass, trees, flowers, statues, and amazing art & architecture.

  Don’t park here. The Museum is way up at the top of the hill. Go all the way up, turn left, all the way up, and a second left. 

Next door to the museum is this lovely building:

  There is a ginormous painted panorama inside but you have to catch the presentation at the top of the hour. I didn’t want to wait 40 minutes for the next one so I’ll catch it next time.
Following are photos of the views (imagine it on a sunny clear day!) and Eyvind Earle exhibit. I like his winter / Christmas card designs a lot better than the ones displayed at this exhibit.

  Sleeping Beauty castle.
   That’s Downtown!
Found a Tastee Freeze over on Fletcher. Got the butterscotch dip cone. I don’t recommend it.


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Bauer Pottery: Handmade in California 

  I wanted some new Bauer Pottery mugs and this weekend just happened to be a beverageware sale at their Glendale showroom. Sweet!

 So pretty! So hard to choose.

  Federal blue to complete a pair of mugs at home and an aqua, in a different style, to use at the office.

  3051 Rosslyn St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum

“So children will know that black people have done great things.” – Mayme Clayton (1923-2006)

Mayme’s son, Lloyd Clayton, was our tour guide and for nearly 2 1/2 hours he took us on an amazing journey through a series of locked rooms in a former late 1950s-era court building in Culver City.

Each room and hallway held contents of the world’s largest collection of history & culture of Americans of African descent.

The collection was single-handedly amassed by Mayme A. Clayton over a period of 40 years and was housed in her garage untl 2010 when it was moved to the court building and opened to the public. 

This event, hosted by Rick of the OSS Meetup Group, was one of his always interesting Huell Howser adventures.

Lloyd Clayton and Black Panther publication.

Over 30,000 rare out-of-print books.


One of Lloyd’s favorites


They show films from their collection to the public.



Theres’s a 2014 dicumentary on Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood


Slave bills of sale & Poll Tax receipts


Lloyd said “They were thought to have no souls”.


The youngest slave listed was 6 days old.


Scenes in Gone Girl filmed here


Origional seats


We got to go in the holding cell


Get there via Expo line

This cute French cafe is across the street. Make sure whatever you order includes the au gratin potatoes. Get there before 3pm.  

Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum

4130 Overland Ave.

Culver City, CA 90230



I still don’t know what possessed me to RSVP for this event hosted by the History & Culture of Los Angeles Meetup Group. I wasn’t familiar with the author or subject of the book “Ronald Searle’s America” but I recognized some of the illustrations in the write up and the description of Searle’s life sounded interesting and there was mention of brunch so, why not?


Author Matt Jones

I’m really glad I went! The Welsh author, Matt Jones, gave a really interesting presentation that included humorous stories about “stalking” Searle, meeting with him & his wife at a restaurant, and being invited to his home in TourTour, France. In addition to photos of Searle’s sketches & illustration he was able to share photos of his studio, desk, bookshelves and personal notes. The presentation was so good that there was a collective “Ohhhhh” from the audience when Matt said “And that’s the end.”


The book

I loved the illustrations so much that I decided I had to buy the book, which Matt signed.


The print

Everyone who bought a book also got this limited edition print.

Center Stage Gallery in Burbank is a nice little gallery.

I wanted almost every print and book in there. The current exhibit is the work of Eyvind Earle, an artist who designed Christmas cards, starting in the 1930s.

I missed that book launch, but at $300, it’s not in my budget anyway. I wish it was because it’s a beautiful book.

I will try to make it to the exhibit on his work at Forest Lawn this Spring

Shout outs to Charles from the Meetup Group for convincing Matt to give a talk and to Porto’s for the yummy brunch.


Porto’s potato balls & pastries!


Los Angeles Walks: Alhambra: The San Gabriel Valley Gateway Tour

Saturday, January 9, 2016, my friend Lori and I joined Los Angeles Walks for a walking tour of Alhambra, “Gateway of the San Gabriel Valley” (SGV). 
Los Angeles Walks is a pedestrian advocacy non-profit that “makes walking safe, accessible and fun for all Angelenos”.
The meetup location was the home of our tour guide and urban planner, James Rojas. He lives with his mother in her amazing 1913 (?) craftsman home, which she purchased in the 1970s. They were kind enough to let us go inside and  drool over all the gorgeous wood in both the built-ins and in the art deco furniture.
Alhambra / San Gabriel were easy to get to back in the good ol’ Red Car days, but now it’s rather tricky and not convenient at all via public transportation, so I drove us. Since I didn’t have time to print out directions we had to rely completely on the navigation of my Google Maps app. At one point The Map Lady was silent for so long I started getting worried that she’d stopped working so I pulled over on a side street to check the status of the app. That, of course, annoyed The Map Lady because she had to recalculate the route. Sorry!
The description of the walk promised our sights would include the San Gabriel Mission (check!), the Garfield Area Redevelopment (check!), Fosselman’s Old Ice Cream Parlor (um…), the old Sears headquarters (uh…) and more. It also said “tour participants may opt to join James for lunch on Main Street after the walk”.
Well, we never saw Fosselman’s or the old Sears headquarters and James never mentioned lunch so Lori and I ended up walking back to San Gabriel to a cute Italian place we had noted earlier in the day.

One thing we did see was the San Gabriel Mission so I get to check another one off my list. Yay! And after our delicious lunch, Lori and I toured the Ramona museum.

Now, as for Main Street Alhambra, that just made me mad! So many historic buildings demolished to build ugly mixed use monstrosities. Kind of a half-assed attempt at being like South Pasadena. 

Some famous people have lived in Alhambra, like Hillary Clinton’s mother, Dorothy, who lived at 320 E. Park Street, fashion model Cheryl Tiegs, musician Kenny Loggins, and I’m not sure if James said Cheryl Tiegs or Chrissy Teigen.

Lori & I want to see a show at the beautiful San Gabriel Playhouse and I still need to get my ice cream from Fosselmans so we will be back!

  Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

 The six-bell campanario (“bell wall”) that was built after the original bell structure toppled during the 1812 Wrightwood earthquake.

  1927 San Gabriel Mission Playhouse 
   Those rolls though!!! They were so soft & had Parmesan cheese on top. We plowed through two baskets of them!

  Chicken ravioli with wild mushroom cream sauce was delicious. Definitely check this place out if you go there. Pizza Place, CA