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Brewery Art Walk – 03-31-12

I’m so glad my friend invited me to go with her to the Brewery Art Walk! It wasn’t anything like what I imagined, even though I understood the concept…that we would be walking through lofts where the artists live and work. Yes it was exactly that, but kicked up 20 notches.

It’s a community of artists (approximate population 500) and they all live in the old Eastern and Pabst Blue Ribbon buildings and warehouses. Some of the buildings are even older from when it was SoCal Edison.

You walk around from loft to loft, sometimes traipsing up and down stairs and through various corridors. Each one is vastly different from the next, and so is their art.

My friends and I had lunch at the onsite restaurant, Barbara’s.  One friend had the caesar salad, another had the chicken tacos, and two of us had the pulled pork sandwich with horseradish sauce. Everything was really good and the coffee was only $1.00. An ArtWalk special our server said. Had I known I would’ve had two.

We were there from around Noon-6pm and hadn’t even seen half of the lofts so…see you on the next Art Walk in October!

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