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Sierra Club Urban Hike: Old Towne Orange

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, I went with three of my friends on a tour of Old Towne Orange with the Sierra Club.

We had a good leader, Dana, for that tour. She kept a fast pace and had a book with her that was full of information about Orange and the historical houses and buildings.

Our first stop was the local Farmer’s Market which had very few vendors, yet there was so much empty space we wondered why there weren’t more vendors. Some of the yummy things I sampled were, honey, cinnamon coffee, and ricotta pie. I couldn’t resist the 3-for-$5.00 pastries and came home with a chocolate scone, cinnamon twisty, and a cheese danish.

On the walk we saw lots of amazing houses…Victorians, Craftsman, etc. Some of the residents noticed us gawking at their houses and were nice enough to come out and tell us about their homes.

The wife of the couple that live in the Victorian grew up in it! Her grandmother bought the house in 1937. It was interesting to hear about the house and neighborhood. Her husband said the buildings across the street were once a citrus packing plant and an ice house. The workers made the ice and packed the fruit in the ice and loaded it onto the trains.

After the tour, my friends and I had Cuban food at Felix Continental Cafe. I noticed on the back of the menu that Elmer Dill (remember him???) recommended the Chicken ala Orange and now I can recommend it as well. It was deeeeelicious!
I want to go back to Orange sometime and browse around in all the antique shops.

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