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AFI Fest 2012: Kid

It’s time for AFI Fest 2012!!


Last night I saw a movie called Kid.

Not to be confused with Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece, The Kid.

Kid, a Belgium film by writer/director Fien Troch (Someone Else’s Happiness and Unspoken), is about a little boy whose name is Kid. He and his older brother, Billy, live with their mother on a farm.

A hog farm.


When the pigs first appeared on screen I missed some of what was going on in the film because my own thoughts took over: “Oh great (!). Leave it to me to pick a film that has animals in it. I hope nothing horrible happens to those poor piggies. Do the Belgians have the same strict rules and regulations about using animals in films that we do? Do they have their own version of the ASPCA on set?”

Luckily the only horrible animal scene was when the pigs were loaded into a truck. A man was smacking them with a stick (!!!!) to keep them moving, and, once they were all loaded up, the camera zoomed in to show the very frightened face of one of the pigs.

But getting back to the story,  I never figured out why, and maybe it doesn’t matter, but for some reason the mother owes money to some very scary guys. She has to sell everything. Something terrible happens…no spoilers… and the boys end up living with relatives. It’s all very upsetting for the children and Kid acts out in various ways.

All the kids in this movie were really wonderful and I wanted to comfort those poor little guys. I shed quite a few tears but there were some laughs as well, especially thanks to whoever that adorable boy with round glasses is. Too adorable.

I give this movie Here‘s a trailer.

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  1. Laurie
    November 10, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Nice blog about Kid. I remember your views on animals years ago. As a result, I stopped visiting the LA Zoo and Ringling Bros. circus.

    • November 10, 2012 at 5:24 pm

      Hahaha thanks, Laurie! I’m definitely against animals in the circus, but I’m conflicted when it comes to zoos. I know that zoos are good for teaching people about animals, etc. It just makes me sad when, for instance, I see that one large cat at the L.A. Zoo that does nothing but pace around and around and around in its enclosure all day. And I’d rather the elephant be in an elephant sanctuary where he has more room and can be with other elephants. But I’m not completely against zoos, so please feel free to take Delsen to the zoo. Just please teach him about how animals belong in the wild and shouldn’t be hunted or mistreated, etc. etc.

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