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Sierra Club Stair Walk: Glassell Park South / Taylor Yard

This is stair walk #4 in Charles Fleming’s book.
3.2 miles, 401 stairs. Difficulty rating: 3.5 out of 5

On Wednesday, December 12, my friends and I met up with the Sierra Club at Rio de Los Angeles State Park, which, until 1985 was the Taylor Yard (named after a grain merchant) freight switching facility. Now the natural river wetlands have been restored. There’s a really nice sports field and rec center and a playground that had so many great slides and things I was considering trying it out myself!

One friend surprised us with tamales, still warm, from a woman selling them at the NoHo Red Line station. They were a nice treat before setting off on a stair walk on a cold, rainy day.

Here are some pictures from the walk. You can click on them to enlarge them.

I enjoyed this stair walk. It was a good mixture of stairs and hills and nature trails.

After the stair walk, we went to Mambos in Glendale for some delicious cuban food. I got Mambos Chicken which came with white rice, black beans, and maduros (sautéed sweet plaintains). Although the chicken was good, I wouldn’t get that particular dish again because the chicken was on the bone and difficult to eat.


Sierra Club Urban Hike: Koreatown

Saturday December 15th’s Sierra Club outing was a 6-mile urban trek through Koreatown via Wilshire Blvd. Along the way, our leader, Robert J. Baldwin, shared his knowledge and personal experiences, having lived in Korea for four years.

For example, at the Korean Cultural Center we learned about the “easy” Korean alphabet.  At the Koreatown Plaza food court he made some suggestions about what to eat for lunch and, pointing out the stands specializing in organ meat, what we might want to avoid. Then, at the Koreatown Galleria supermarket, he pointed out various cooking ingredients, such as bags of kimchi and boxes of Korean pears. In the seafood department he held up a package of fresh octopus while relating a story about when a fisherman cut up a live octopus and served it to him — the octopus was still moving on the plate and clinging to his fork by its suction cup.

Unfortunately, the day went by way too fast and we ran out of time so we couldn’t do much window shopping and completely missed out on the planned visit to Wi Spa. The Sierra Club leaders decided that future Koreatown tours should have an earlier start time and we all agreed. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the day very much.

As usual, my friends and I continued on our own tour after the official tour ended. We walked an additional 3-4 miles, saw some great old architecture, enjoyed some gelato and Korean coffee, and took a tour of Olympic Spa.

Here are my pictures from the day. Just click on them if you want to enlarge them.