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AFI FEST 2013: In which I enlist the playwright to be my photographer!

I don’t know how many years AFI has been running this FREE movie festival, but I didn’t discover it until last year during my 10 month vacation. It’s the greatest thing EVER and I couldn’t wait for November to roll back around so I could go again.

Last night my friends and I saw August: Osage County, starring Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts.


Ok, maybe not for Abigail Breslin or the woman who played the housekeeper. They were fine, but their parts were small… but everyone else gets a statue!!!!

The description said it was a dramatic comedy. Yeah. That fits. The always brilliant Meryl Streep plays a hard, mean, cancer-stricken mother of three daughters: Julia Roberts, no need to say anything about her equal brilliance is there? Juliette Lewis, thanks for just sticking with your natural quirkiness. And the captivating Julianne Nicholson was new to me, but her character was my favorite in the film and that’s why it was a happy surprise to find her in the Grauman’s Chinese forecourt after the movie. [Sidebar: Yes, I know the new owners are TCL. That’s a stupid name. It will always be Grauman’s to me.]

I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a picture with Julianne so I asked her and she was happy to oblige. Since neither of my friends is familiar with phone cameras I didn’t even consider asking them to take the picture. Instead I tapped the arm of the guy Julianne had been talking to and asked him to take it. It was only as we were walking away that Lori told me I had just asked the guy who wrote the f-ing thing to take my picture! Thanks, Tracy Letts!


Me and Julianne Nicholson.

Sometimes having crappy seats is a good thing. Most of the seats were reserved and we had general admission so we ended up 3rd row, which SUCKS for seeing a movie at Grauman’s, but ROCKS for seeing Celebs on a stage for the Q & A!

George Clooney, Julianne Nicholson, Juliette Lewis, Dermot Mulroney , Chris Cooper, Director George Wells, and my photographer, Tracy Letts, answered questions from a really good Hollywood Reporter interviewer.

And yes folks, I’m pleased tell you that George Clooney IS that cute, adorable & charming in real life. And no, he’s not IN the movie, he’s a producer.

Thanks, AFI, for a great night! See you in a few!

  1. November 10, 2013 at 8:22 am

    What a fun time! So happy to hear how gracious Julianne Nicholson is with her time. I’ve been keeping an eye on her career for years. She reminds me a lot of the great character actresses of the 1930s and 1940s.

    And TCL is the stupidest name, ever. Such a slap in the face to Hollywood’s legacy.

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