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AFI Fest 2013: In which I try to be smart, but find myself in the wrong theater.

Yeah…after a day of sitting in front row aisle seats and my neck becoming permanently craned to the right, there I was, sitting in a great center seat in the back row watching smugly as others resigned themselves to the front seats. And then the AFI Fest volunteer welcomed us and said he hoped we would like The Selfish Giant.

Um…what?????? Not My Afghanistan????? Oh crap.

My Afghanistan was the hardest ticket to get. I had tried online for days before finally getting that ticket!

Oh well. Nothing I could do about it now. It was already starting in whatever theater it was in so there wouldn’t be even a front row seat left. I would just have to stay and see The Selfish Giant. All the movies at this festival are good so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. My friend, Lori, will see My Afghanistan on Monday afternoon so I’ll experience it through her.

If only I had bothered to put my reading glasses on to look at the ticket last night. Looking at the stub now, the theater number is clearly 6, not 4. Interesting that the ticket taker didn’t notice that I was in the wrong movie either.

Never mind. The Selfish Giant was really good. It was a UK film about two boys expelled from school who make money stealing copper wire. Illegal, dangerous, and horses are involved so you know something tragic happens. I was glad I had a Kleenex Pocket Pack in my purse.

I saw three other movies yesterday:

Little Black Spiders. Belgium. Based on real life, it takes place in 1978. Pregnant teens hidden away in the attic of a hospital. What happens to them and their babies? All the girls were great and the story was good. Thankfully, the Director, who was there and spoke to us in her cute Belgian accent, Patrice Toye, didn’t stray into any horror-type plot lines. These real-life events were horrific enough on their own that she didn’t need to do that.

In Bloom. Georgia. Not that Georgia. The country, Georgia. Look at an atlas. An atlas. Google “atlas”. Oh fuck it. It’s next to Turkey, Russia, & Armenia. Read up on it and then come back.

The main character is a 14-yo girl and one of the directors was 14 in 1992, which is when the movie takes place. The Soviet Union has just collapsed and there are bread lines, thugs & guns, one of which the girl and her best friend find themselves in possession of. Very tense moments with that gun throughout the movie. It had one of those great endings that leaves you wondering what happened next.

We Are The Best. Sweden. Based on a graphic novel. Three 13-yo girls (why is every movie about kids this year?) in Stockholm form a punk band in 1982. Very good. Funny, but also lots of awwww moments for the one girl who always gets let down. Reminded me of that one movie about kids learning to play instruments. Wasn’t it a Jack Black movie?

Looking forward to the next round of movies!!!! I love you, AFI Fest!

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  1. November 10, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    See you today at AFI.

  2. November 12, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    Having been a teen mom, I’m intrigued by ‘Little Black Spiders.’ When I was pregnant, and out and about, senior citizens were the most supportive of me — men and women. The women would be especially so — telling me of all the cruel things they either experienced themselves when young and pregnant — or witnessed. They all pretty much summed it up by telling me to stand tall. I was (and still am) so grateful for those strangers.

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