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AFI Fest 2013: The Strange Little Cat That Wasn’t

I saw three more movies at AFI Fest on Sunday.

Documenteur. France. The Director, Agnes Varda was there to talk about her film. She’s also this year’s guest director for the entire festival. She had been all over L.A. that morning introducing films in various locations for different events.

I’m sorry I don’t remember what exactly she said about Documenteur or the actors. Something about liking the look of the lead actress–she had the best smile of anyone I’ve ever seen, especially when she smiled at the little boy who played her son–and the boy being the real-life son of someone–and something about the murals around L.A.–and something about L.A. being the desire of everyone wanting to go out West to chase their dreams and Venice being as far west as you can go so that’s why she had the story take place in Venice.

My friend didn’t like the movie. “Not enough action and nothing really happened”, I think she said.

I like books & movies where nothing really happens and we just sit back and observe people and their strange lives. In this one we observe a mother & her son in the 1970s, I think, searching for an apartment & trying to make a life together. Strange but sweet.

The Strange Little Cat. Germany.

My friend didn’t like this one either, LOL. It was the one I had looked forward to the most. I was really curious to see the cat and wondered what was strange about him.

Well, there wasn’t anything strange about him! Turned out to be a metaphor for the strangeness of the scenes playing out in front of us. The whole thing took place, for the most part, in a tiny little kitchen with different family members & friends coming & going. It was a bit too artsy for me, but I did love the adorable little girl and the big dog that liked to watch the cat sleep & would bark as soon as the cat started purring.

The Date. Finland. This was a short they decided to show us before The Strange Little Cat. It was about a prize-winning, male Siamese on one of his “dates.” Ahem. We hear the cats but all we see is the two families waiting for them to finish. At one point the two nervous teenagers are smoking out on the patio. Funny.

The Lunchbox. India. Oh my God I loved this movie so much!!!!! Best one so far. Oscars for everybody!!!!!!!

Who knew that in India they have a lunchbox delivery service? Guys on bikes go from house to house picking up the lunchboxes. They’re loaded onto trains and delivered to office buildings where someone else delivers them to workers at their desks.

I checked with my co-worker and it’s totally real. They deliver them to schools, too. She remembers the hot cooked meals from home arriving every day. She said the cost is inexpensive.

In the film, a woman who is being ignored by her husband cooks a special meal for him to get his attention. It’s delivered by mistake to a man who recently lost his wife. Notes go back & forth and a relationship develops.

I won’t tell you how it ends. You have to see it. It is sooooooo funny. Our audience loved it. The older man from Life of Pi is in it. There’s something about him I love. His reactions, facial expressions, etc.

There’s an old “Auntie” that steals the show even though we never see her.

A great film! It had better win EVERYTHING!!!!!

  1. November 13, 2013 at 10:16 am

    I saw Tom on the Farm last night. What a gripping story. Acting was wonderful. Going to see Lunchbox and Awful Nice today.

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