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Walk #9 South Pasadena to Arroyo Terrace 6 1/4 Mile Walk With Bob Inman

On January 4, 2014, my friends and I went on an urban walk with Bob Inman.

This was Walk #9 from Bob’s new book, Finding Los Angeles By Foot, Stairstreet, Bridge, Pathway, and Lane. [Shameless plug: Bob used my photo of the Marathon Stairs on page 64 of his book so I am now a published photographer! Thanks, Bob!]

Bob is a really good leader. His pace won’t kill you and he stops along the way to “talk about this or that,” such as:

Water Tower House
Architect: Frederick Roehrig, built in 1891 to match Grace Mansion, which has was converted into apartments in the 1920s. The mansion was the home of William Stanton– cousin of Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War!–and his wife, Ellen. The water tower was converted to a residence in 1924. Read more here and see pictures of the interior here.

American Red Cross Building (fka the Cravens Mansion)
We were lucky enough to have a Red Cross employee on the walk with us and he just happened to have a key to the gates! Read more about the mansion here.

After the walk, my friends and I stopped for Howie Burgers at La Grande Orange Cafe inside what used to be the old Del Mar train depot.

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Finding Los Angeles By Foot, Stairstreet, Bridge, Pathway, and Lane by Bob Inman.

Nike+ Fuelband Stats
Fuel: 3,801
Calories: 831
Steps: 17,907
Hours Won: 4