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Temescal Canyon and Malibu

Temescal Canyon is one of my favorite hikes so when my friend Lori and I couldn’t find any organized hikes that interested us last weekend, I suggested Temescal.

If you go, make sure you take the trail to the right, unless you like steep hills with no shade. The one on the right is a nice, one-man trail that winds it’s way up the mountain more gradually and has more shade. On the way down we passed a lot of inexperienced hikers on their way up the Ridge trail who were sweaty, red-faced, and gasping for breath. I hope they made it to the top to experience the amazing views.

Just remember: Temescal Canyon Trail is to your right. Temescal Ridge Trail is to your left. Canyon Trail = shade. Ridge Trail = direct sun…hot…bad.

After a delicious lunch at Malibu Seafood, we strolled the beach, which was dotted with these, by-the-wind sailors, poor things,

By-The-Wind Sailor

By-The-Wind Sailor – Photo from realmonstrosities.com

and then drove down to check out the progress of Malibu Lagoon. Where are the pictures of the Lagoon? I didn’t take any so that should tell you just how impressed we were with the progress. We walked to the pier and then back to the car, planning to grab an iced coffee or some ice cream at Malibu Country Mart before heading home.

Unfortunately, Lori’s key fob malfunctioned and her car thought we were trying to steal it so it was honking and wouldn’t let her start the engine. Luckily, AAA showed up less than 10 minutes after she called them. The guy wasn’t in the best mood and got frustrated easily. When he finally stopped the horrible honking and got the engine started, he told Lori she should only use the key for the doors until she could have the alarm and key fob looked at.

I wish I had a picture of the look he gave her when she asked him if he thought we could stop to get a coffee! He advised us to go straight home and not stop anywhere, so that’s what we did.

Traffic was such a mess that it took us two hours to go the 12 miles over Kanan Dume Road, but we had had such a fun day that we didn’t mind.

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