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100 Hikes In The San Gabriels: Switzer Falls

Recently, me and one of my hiking buddies decided we were bored with the Santa Monica Mountains so we’ve started doing hikes from one of her many hiking books, Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriels by John W. Robinson.

#17 Switzer Falls
4 miles out and back
‘600 gain

Other than losing our brand new $30 Adventure Pass, this was one of the best days ever. A lovely hike in cool mountain air with my favorite hiking buddies, Lori & Karen. Beautiful light and scenery. A bit of adventure, but not too strenuous for those of us who have been sitting our butts for 3 weeks during the heatwave.

After the hike we went up to Newcomb’s Ranch for delicious chili & cornbread. If you’re afraid of bees you can forget about sitting outside on the patio. Siiiiigh.

If you’re wondering where the pictures of the water falls are, their aren’t any falls, currently. We’re in a drought. We actually walked 1/4 mile past where they would’ve been, trying to find them!

Shout out to the helpful Park Ranger who saved us a long, steep, nasty walk back up the road at the end of the day by telling us we should move our car down to the lower (3rd) parking lot down at the trail head.

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