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Eyvind Earle Exhibit at Forest Lawn

  As I had mentioned in this post, I wanted to see the Disney legend, Eyvind Earle exhibit at the Forest Lawn Museum this Spring. Well, it’s Spring and I just happened to be down the street at the Bauer Pottery showroom yesterday so I decided to pop in.

I’d never been to this particular Forest Lawn before. It’s the one where Michael Jackson, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Humphrey Bogart and, fittingly, Walt Disney are buried, along with a quarter million other people.

Even if you have no interest in visiting any of the graves, you might want to just cruise through in your car. The place is massive and very pretty. Their are no gothic tombstones or those horrid modern ones with people’s photos on them do what you see is grass, trees, flowers, statues, and amazing art & architecture.

  Don’t park here. The Museum is way up at the top of the hill. Go all the way up, turn left, all the way up, and a second left. 

Next door to the museum is this lovely building:

  There is a ginormous painted panorama inside but you have to catch the presentation at the top of the hour. I didn’t want to wait 40 minutes for the next one so I’ll catch it next time.
Following are photos of the views (imagine it on a sunny clear day!) and Eyvind Earle exhibit. I like his winter / Christmas card designs a lot better than the ones displayed at this exhibit.

  Sleeping Beauty castle.
   That’s Downtown!
Found a Tastee Freeze over on Fletcher. Got the butterscotch dip cone. I don’t recommend it.


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Bauer Pottery: Handmade in California 

  I wanted some new Bauer Pottery mugs and this weekend just happened to be a beverageware sale at their Glendale showroom. Sweet!

 So pretty! So hard to choose.

  Federal blue to complete a pair of mugs at home and an aqua, in a different style, to use at the office.

  3051 Rosslyn St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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