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Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum

“So children will know that black people have done great things.” – Mayme Clayton (1923-2006)

Mayme’s son, Lloyd Clayton, was our tour guide and for nearly 2 1/2 hours he took us on an amazing journey through a series of locked rooms in a former late 1950s-era court building in Culver City.

Each room and hallway held contents of the world’s largest collection of history & culture of Americans of African descent.

The collection was single-handedly amassed by Mayme A. Clayton over a period of 40 years and was housed in her garage untl 2010 when it was moved to the court building and opened to the public. 

This event, hosted by Rick of the OSS Meetup Group, was one of his always interesting Huell Howser adventures.

Lloyd Clayton and Black Panther publication.

Over 30,000 rare out-of-print books.


One of Lloyd’s favorites


They show films from their collection to the public.



Theres’s a 2014 dicumentary on Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood


Slave bills of sale & Poll Tax receipts


Lloyd said “They were thought to have no souls”.


The youngest slave listed was 6 days old.


Scenes in Gone Girl filmed here


Origional seats


We got to go in the holding cell


Get there via Expo line

This cute French cafe is across the street. Make sure whatever you order includes the au gratin potatoes. Get there before 3pm.  

Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum

4130 Overland Ave.

Culver City, CA 90230